Blerg Bangers – November 29

Blerg Bangers – November 29

Every week we collect a new batch of songs for your listening pleasure – plus a classic that you should definitely know and love. Here’s this week’s Blerg Bangers:

PWR BTTM: ‘I Wanna Boy’

Every now and again, a song pops up that is the perfect hybrid of pop, rock and punk. It’s sweet, it’s rebellious, it’s angular and it’s infectious. It’s one of those songs that locks itself in your brain for weeks on end, and you continue to catch yourself humming its melody at the shops, mumbling its chorus on the bus, or just belting it out hardcore in the shower. This song is that perfect piece of inescapable perfection. You’ll definitely want a boy in two minutes time.

Mallrat – ‘Sunglasses’

There’s a lot to be said about the dangerous nature of youth. In the modern music industry, when you’re trying to sell a new artist, you can frame them as alternative, as edgy, as mysterious, as hypnotic – but when it boils down to it, there’s nothing that seizes quite the attention of being young, being bad arse, and being great. Young Brisbane emcee Mallrat is all those things, and although she very muh lands on the pop side of hip-hop, brings with her flow a razor sharpe edge that comes with the viciousness and fearlessness of being 17. Only two singles into her career, she’s a venomous cobra ready to strike with another swirl of “Sunglasses” working its way through your system.

Chastity Belt – ‘Lydia’

Without nearly enough people paying attention, Chastity Belt have developed into one of the best and most progressive modern indie rock band around. Their tones, textures and melodies are spot on from release to release, and a song like ‘Lydia’ builds on a solid rock bed of composition from two albums worth as work. In the meantime, their lyrics tackle feminism, equality, and modern relationships with the kind of witty insight and hilarious comedy that no-one out there is even remotely close to replicating. They should be everyone’s favourite band.

Myami – ‘I Oh I’

The roots and traditions of ’90s and ’00s r’n’b pulse thick and fast through this latest cut from Myami. The gorgeously bouncy chorus contrasted against the smooth, sensual verse is as sultry as anything Jenny ever issued from The Block. But the modern, pulsing production with it’s warped beats and 8-bit melodies gives the song a distinctly contemporary context. It’s like staring into the future and the past of pop at exactly the same time.

Dead Moon – ‘It’s Okay’ [Classic track]

It’s impossible to look past the rawness of this recording. It sounds like a boom box demo rather than anything you would issue as a final product. But as you spend time with it, you realise that a million dollars and all the best recording equipment in the world would never capture a song as beautiful, as pure and as blunt as this in a million takes. These Seattle veterans will never receive the due of a lot of their counterparts, but they’ll forever be a part of rock history thanks to the genius of their songwriting, and their approach to pure, pop punk.