NETFLIX + CHILL : Pop Culture Picks With Luca Brasi

NETFLIX + CHILL : Pop Culture Picks With Luca Brasi

Luca Brasi probably have a lot of time to ingest new media. Being one of the bigger Australian bands to hail from Tassie, and also one of the few who have staunchly refused to relocate to Melbourne or Sydney, the band spend their fair share of time in transit. 

As they prepare for their upcoming headlining tour of the country on the back of their new single Aeroplane, Luca Brasi’s enigmatic vocalist Tyler Richardson told Blerg what he was currently loading onto his laptop for the long haul ahead.

1. “As far as music goes, I know we’ve all been jamming the Beach Slang record Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas really hard . It’s just a fuckin banger man. It’s like positivity infused in punk rock. You can’t really get any better than that, it’s a fuckin good record. And then you look at how they’ve penetrated the US market too, crazy stuff like People Magazine and shit like that. There’s obviously something driving it through. It’s unbelievable.”

1) “Pat and I have been listening to Snakehips a lot. It’s just such good tunes. We first heard it on triple j – ‘All My Friends’ is just a jam. Such a good tour song. It makes you feel better when you’re hung over and sick.”

2) “The Bennies new record. We’ve been lucky enough to hear some other stuff from their record and the same thing again, you can’t have a bad time listening to The Bennies. They’re fucking awesome. They’re such good dudes.”

3) “Back on to Serial the podcast, now that it’s started again. Season 2. It’s the same kind of deal, I feel like Making A Murder is kind of like season one of Serial. To be totally honest not as big a hook as the first one was to me but it’s still rad. But the way the first one got me was how I felt about Making A Murderer.”

4) “TV wise I’ve been catching up on Parks & Recreation. I’m a recent convert on to how good that is, so I’m on a full Ron Swanson, Leslie Knope black hole sort of thing. I can’t really get out of it at the moment but I’m just about finished.”

5) “Making A Murderer has been jamming hard through all of us. I think everyone in the whole world has been saying the same thing. It’s pretty gnarly. I’m nearly done but it sort of brings you up to a level and then smashes you back down again. It’s like “what the fuck is going on?!” I don’t even know how to fucking talk about it. It blows your mind what happens.”


6) “The guy who scored the drums of that Birdman movie with Michael Keaton, this amazing Mexican jazz drummer Antonio Sanchez is in Hobart this week for MONA FOMA and he’s playing the score along with the movie in this amazing old theatre, so that’s my movie thing I’m pumped as fuck for. It’s crazy what those guys do to make Tassie a rad place.”

With guests Endless Heights & Brawlers (UK)

Tickets on sale NOW via Oztix:

Thu Jan 21 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne w/ Self Talk
Fri Jan 22 – Cats @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide w/ Raccoon City Police Department
Sat Jan 23 – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart w/ The Saxons
Mon Jan 25 – Royal Oak Hotel, Launceston (Australia Day Eve) w/ The Saxons
Fri Jan 29 – Goodgod, Sydney w/ H A N N A H B A N D
Sat Jan 30 – Black Bear, Brisbane w/ Walken