Rick And Morty creator reveals he’s working on a new show

Rick And Morty creator reveals he’s working on a new show

I think that’s safe for us all to admit now that season 2 of Rick And Morty has been fucking tremendous.

I know we’re only half way through it, but c’mon. Get schwifty.


So it’s pretty exciting to learn today that Rick And Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland, is working on a new show for Fox.

Roiland leaked the announcement himself on Twitter over the weekend, by posting artwork and plot info about the new series, which is titled Solar Opposites.

The show will follow the adventures of an alien family on Earth – similar to 3rd Rock From The Sun, however it doesn’t look as though the aliens will be making any attempts to blend in and go undetected.

It also looks like Roiland was going rogue with his announcement of the show, with his co-creator Mike McMahon apparently texting him to tell him it was too early to be releasing the artwork – text messages Roiland promptly also tweeted screen shots of – just like you would expect the creator of Rick And Morty to do.

As Roiland said in his comments, this is actually a pretty genius / 2015 way to announce the new show, and will have fans chomping at the bit long before its eventual release – something Fox execs would surely love to see.

We’ll keep you updated on any new Solar Opposites info in the future! And we’ll probably do a Rick And Morty season 2 wrap up soon too because it will be another excuse for us to continue to ‘Get Schwifty':