The intensely boring becomes insanely interesting in the Surprisingly Awesome podcast

The intensely boring becomes insanely interesting in the Surprisingly Awesome podcast

It kind of feels like we’re nearing the point where there’s pretty much a podcast on every topic these days.

Science, comedy, sport, economics, home improvement, the news, politics, pop culture, history, education – even how to start a successful podcast – everything that is anything is getting podcasted up stream and into our earbuds.

But now a new podcast [god I’m gonna use that word a lot in this article] has emerged that’s sole purpose is to go out and take topics that are so thoroughly uninteresting you would never dream of turning them into an internet radio show… and do just that.

Surprisingly Awesome is the latest addition to the Gimlet network (also home to the fantastic Mystery Show, Reply All and Start Up podcast series) and the show’s main goal is for hosts Adam Davidson (creator of the wonderful Planet Money podcast series) and Adam McKay (he of Anchorman directing and co-creator of Funny Or Die fame) to take topics that they think are paint-dryingly, grass-growingly, solitary confinement levels of boring and convince the other host/Adam that they are in fact fascinating topics that don’t get given their due.

Over the course of three episodes so far, the two Adams have actually been remarkably successful on shedding light on just why things we take for granted or ignore in our every day life, are much more than they first appear to be. Davidson, for example, has successfully proven to McKay that mould and concrete both have histories and abilities you’d never believe, and explains how both have been significant contributors to the survival and advancement of the human race.

Meanwhile McKay has taken what is arguably the most boring skill test in any sport – making basketball free throws – and through careful examination dissects the mechanics and mental pressure involved in the activity that actually makes you realise just how complex and difficult it is to put a ball through a ring that is directly in front of you.

Only in its infant stages, it will be interesting to see how it progresses in the future, but so far it’s ticking all the boxes of what makes good pod – it’s interesting, informative, entertaining and clever. And being only three episodes deep, now is the perfect time to add it to the rotation in your podcast tackle box.

Here’s ep one to get you started, and you can subscribe to the show here.