The Katering Show Kills In Season Two

The Katering Show Kills In Season Two

The Katering Show is back, tastier than ever and being hosted by our national broadcaster for free.

Available in bite-sized morsels of just over ten minutes, The Katering Show absolutely kills in Season Two, dismissing any fears the pair may have had about the pressures of delivering on a sophomore season. Covering topics such as Ramen bars, ‘Yummy Mummys’, weddings and including their best episode yet- an attempt to be as elegant and majestical as Australia’s kitchen kween Maggie Beer- all eight episodes of The Katering Show are available to devour now for freeeeee! Prepare to lose two hours of your day in close succession but to feel absolutely no shame about it.

After all you’ll be supporting some of Australia’s best talents in the form of Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney, the most dry as fuck, depressing dames to have ever brought such joy into our lives by way of failed kitchen experiments and cutting criticism of foodie culture.

The series was initially released on YouTube in early 2015, in conjunction with Screen Australia. It was a low key-affair that saw co-hosts, writers and directors McLennan and McCartney  carry the lion’s share of the work and fuck do they knock it out of the park.

They explained to Junkee their reasons for shifting from television writing and acting to creating their own webseries: “We got swept up in the promise of no money, no job security, and having our hard work rewarded with less YouTube views than shaky iPhone footage of a dog dragging its arse along the ground. It’s a pretty intoxicating cocktail.”

Season Two of The Katering Show is now available in full on ABC iView.