Comedy Bang Bang remembers Harris Wittels with perfect tribute

Comedy Bang Bang remembers Harris Wittels with perfect tribute

As has been widely reported, including by us, comedian, actor, producer and author Harris Wittels died last week at the young age of 30.

Wittels was a regular guest on the immensely popular Comedy Bang Bang podcast, particularly known for his role in the ‘Farts and Procreation’ sub-series, that also featured CBB host Scott Aukerman and Wittels’¬†former colleagues on Parks and Recreation, Chelsea Peretti and Adam Scott.

In honour of their late friend and tremendous comedic talent, Aukerman and the Comedy Bang Bang team have just released the final ever ‘Farts and Procreation’ episode of the show, titled ‘NOT Farts and Procreation,’ recorded just days before Wittels’ death.

The episode is admittedly difficult to listen to at times, particularly after listening to Aukerman’s heartfelt intro and the montage of some of Wittels’ greatest moments on the show at the end,¬†but as had become the tradition of these insanely popular and incredibly silly episodes, there is so much hearty laughter and naughty giggles, it’s impossible to not find the joy amongst the horrible context.

Because the appeal of the ‘Farts and Procreation’ episodes was never the fact that these were some of the funniest comedy minds coming together to do a bit. What made these episodes so important to people is that it was just a group of friends coming together to make each other laugh. And they felt like our friends as a result.

If you can listen to the opening, closing, or any part of the middle of this podcast with out welling up, you are a robot.

Listen, enjoy and remember Harris Wittels.