Fallout 4: Watch the trailer

Fallout 4: Watch the trailer

After years of waiting, like we were locked in an underground bunker waiting for a nuclear winter to finally end, the trailer for Fallout 4 has finally arrived.

It premiered at the end of a 24 hour countdown timer that popped up on game developer Bethesda’s website yesterday and has had fans of the immensely popular survival series glued to the screens of their Pip-Boys.

The trailer shows a lot of the scenes we’ve come to know and love from the Fallout series – including the classic juxtaposition of 1960s interior design, with futuristic flying robots and barren, toxic wastelands.

Also┬áreturned is our old faithful pet dog, who actually takes a starring role in the trailer. But included in the footage are scenes of what appears to be more technologically advanced cities and transport vehicles than we’ve seen from Fallout games in the past, including flying ships. ┬áThe result looks like a strange combination of Fallout and Bioshock Infinite – two games that have played on varying concepts of bastardised and apocalyptic versions of the world with distinct period influence.

It’s also been confirmed that Bethesda will premiere the game at E3 on June 14, with a Fallout 4 website already set up to take pre-orders of the game.

Watch the trailer below: