‘Finders Keepers’ looks like the funniest/weirdest doco of 2015

‘Finders Keepers’ looks like the funniest/weirdest doco of 2015

There are two kinds of people.

People who think that The King Of Kong is the greatest documentary of all time, and people who haven’t seen The King Of Kong yet.

So when you see that the guys that produced that slice of brilliance have been working on a new project, you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be great.

After all, they also produced the high school football doco, Undefeated, that I’m still crying over after seeing it more than a year ago.

But now directors Bryan Carberry and Clay Tweel have stumbled onto a new quirkfest story that looks like the most promising documentary of 2015.

Finders Keepers follows the now famed story of two men – one who lost a leg and the other that found it.

Back in 2007 Shannon Whisnant, a bargain hunter in North Carolina, bought an abandoned storage unit, just like they do on storage wars, and in it, amongst other things he found a crudely mummified foot.

The foot belonged to John Wood, who had lost it in a plane crash and had decided to keep it as a morbid souvenir.

What followed was a bizarre court battle between the two men – one who wanted to keep the maintain his newly found local fame, and the other that wanted it as a reminder of a past life.

The documentary has already made official selection at a number of major film festivals across the world, and based of its trailer, looks like just the kind of whacky, yet heartwarming doco that sticks with its audience for years.

Watch the trailer below – and wait for the very last line, followed by the look from the hairdresser. It’s priceless.

Finders Keepers is release on iTunes on October 2.