Four Bands Atreyu’s Dan Jacobs Is Super Glad Reformed

Four Bands Atreyu’s Dan Jacobs Is Super Glad Reformed

Reformations seem to roll around semi-regularly these days but there’s something to be said for those long lost favourites that surprise you from time to time. Like a $20 note in your jeans that you weren’t expecting, but sure as shit are enthused about, the music industry has been keeping us on our toes over the last decade and we are indeed grateful for it.

We chatted to the most lovable (seriously look at his face) Dan Jacobs from Atreyu about recently reunited relics that are presently tickling his fancy. Considering Atreyu themselves have just reformed to deliver a new album, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

1. Descendents

Dan says: We actually played with them in Australia on the No Sleep Til Tour and that was just awesome. That was something we got to check off the list that we got to tour with the Descendents.

Blerg says: Quality choice. Mixes serious nostalgia with punk rock cred. 

2. Thrice

Dan says: It’s cool to see those dudes around. They’ve always been a really cool band and it’s great to see them back around.

Blerg says: Thrice went away? Thrice are back? The things you learn from Atreyu! They certainly got more grandoise at the tail end of their career which pouty, teenage us was not impressed with, but now it just seems like a much needed and very, very wise evolution.

3. Poison The Well

Dan says: That was a band that was really influential to us and we were huge fans of back in the early, early 2000s. The fact that they’re playing shows again is so awesome.

Blerg says: After a brief hiatus Poison The Well reformed for two reunion shows in May this year but that’s the extent of their reunion. This doesn’t really count, Dan. 

4. Black Sabbath

Dan says: That’s such a huge thing. When they had that original line-up we played with, that’s such a rare thing that original line-ups of bands – it’s almost unheard of these days. It’s so hard to keep the same group of people going for so long.

Blerg says: Extra points for being topical. Sabbath are going out in style by bringing their farewell tour to Australia next year 

Atreyu’s first album post-reformation is called Long Live and it’s out now via Spinefarm/Caroline. You can watch their most recent video for ‘Do You Know Who You Are’ here