Get on board Marc Maron’s WTF train today… Mind the gap.

Get on board Marc Maron’s WTF train today… Mind the gap.

So the third season of Maron has commenced on the IFC network already and while we’re still unsure about the TV show- we’re slightly cynical of the writing and and just altogether wary of the premise- we are loyal fans of his WTF podcast. 

Many people have expressed disappointment of never having given WTF a listen, of being ‘too late’ to jump on board the WTF train, to which we say PHOOEY. But it can be intimidating with over 500 episodes worth of content archived and ready to be consumed so if you want to get started with some fresh shit, we suggest you yummy down on these recent episodes. These four interviews are not only compelling because of the interviewee, but great examples of Maron’s knack for interviewing.

He’s got the gruff tone of an uncle (a nice change in a world of saccharine commercial radio meets Entertainment Tonight style interviewers), the understanding and empathy of a great aunt (and not in an attention-seeking, offputting Chris Hardwick kind of way) and the blunt, no-shit approach of your dad (he does ask some hard questions and they are almost always answered).

Episode 597 with Zach Woods. The name won’t ring any bells, but you’re watching Zach Woods in Silicon Valley and you saw him nail a very similar character in The (US) Office. So is he as meek and pathetic in real life? Woods is self-depreciating but in the most endearing way. Consider us fans.

Episode 569 with Jason Schwartzman. Schwartzman’s showbiz stories are really the best part of this one. He’s  deeply weird, enigmatic and very, very Hollywood, thus he has all the best stories and gossip to match. And he delivers said stories in the most nonchalant style. Perfect.

Episode 564 with Melanie Lynskey. Another name that you won’t recognise but a face (over here) that you’ve seen absolutely everywhere. We loved Lynskey alongisde Anna Kendrick in Happy Christmas and she had a huge role in Two and a Half Men, but as you’ll see she still suffers from chronic self doubt. She’s very honest about her very many insecurities in this interview. And who knew she was a Kiwi!?

Episode 559 with Jenny Slate- We weren’t sure whether Slate’s character in 2014’s BEST FILM (voting is done, polls are closed, DO NOT ARGUE WITH US ON THIS ONE) Obvious Child was just well written, but it turns out, every inch of the kindness, compassion and ridiculousness that spews forth from Slate in that flick is legit. The up and coming comedienne is hilarious and brutally honest in her chat with Maron. This one is a really good time.

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