Getting On Somehow Makes Aged Care Funny

Getting On Somehow Makes Aged Care Funny

Picture a TV series set in an extended care wing of a rundown hospital.  Sounds like a hoot huh? 

But as Gervais’ breakthrough series The Office discovered, sometimes the funniest comedies can take place in the most grim environments. There was nothing particularly interesting about a paper company, or even the Parks and Recreation department of Pawnee Indiana, and certainly not in the Government sector shown in Utopia but televisions finest ensembles are starting to emerge from the most dead boring scenarios.

Getting On is griiiim. It doesn’t even look particularly pretty. The flickering lights of the hospital ward paired with the anxious sweat of it’s nurses, the stench of death and feces and the foreboding fear circulating a hospital that is fighting for breath and a budget makes it an ugly watch. Not to mention it’s lead character’s unattractive personal neurosis that make the show even grottier. So it’s testament to the KILLER writing that this HBO series is INTENSELY watchable.

Though we admittedly have not seen the UK series of the same name that this HBO show was based upon, we’re well smitten with the US version. Starring Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, Neicy Nash and Mel Rodriguez (all stars in their own right), the series premiered way back in 2013 but was renewed for a third and final six-ep season that is currently rolling out right now.

Seasons One and Two of Getting On are available for purchase now in Australia.