‘Heaps Good Hostel’ could be Australia’s answer to Black Books

‘Heaps Good Hostel’ could be Australia’s answer to Black Books

As far as four and a half minute pilot episodes go, this could be one of the best ever.

Heaps Good Hostel was released just last week and manages to do the one thing the majority of comedy web series and pilots never manage – actually contain funny jokes.

The brainchild of Adelaide writer / director Stephen Banham, the show was inspired by a stay in a zany hostel in Belgrade and hits the nail on the head of everything you would want to see in a comedy pilot – great and defined characters, punchy timing, a wonderfully unique setting, a touch of absurdity, an excellently silly score, and, most importantly, laughs.

Created with the help of The SBS Comedy Runway – an initiative from the broadcaster to find the next generation of Australian comedic talent by providing $20,000 to writers and creators to fund their pilot episodes – Heaps Good Hostel is easily one of the best / most marketable creations the program has produced yet.

It clearly takes its cues from the Graham Linehan school of TV comedy – Black Books, The IT Crowd, Father Ted – as well as a dusting of Spaced and even a smidgen of Round The Twist, and as far as influences go, that’s one pretty spectacular combination.

Watch the pilot below, go show it support by liking its Facebook page, and read an interview with Stephen Banham to get a better idea on his inspirations for the show, its characters and its production here.

Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing Heaps Good Hostel picked up as an actual TV series soon.