Huge ensemble cast sparks our interest in ‘Digging For Fire’

Huge ensemble cast sparks our interest in ‘Digging For Fire’

Feast your eyes on this lineup. 

Though early reviews aren’t outstanding we are optimistic about the upcoming Joe Swanberg film Digging For Fire. Why?

Mike Birbiglia
Orlando Bloom
Sam Elliott
Jake Johnson
Anna Kendrick
Brie Larson
Judith Light
Ron Livingston
Melanie Lynskey
Sam Rockwell
Jenny Slate

Yeah, that’s why. Swanberg has also won us over in the past with slow moving, but disturbingly relatable character studies Happy Christmas and Drinking Buddies. Neither film blew us out of the water but both were riddled with very real characters and that’s a quality we’re starting to very much enjoy in our films. You can keep your minions, thanks, if there’s a couple well written, deeply confused but not dramatically conflicted adults in there then you can have our $20.

Also, we would be happy to part with our hard earned dollars to see scenes in which Sam Rockwell and Mike Birbiglia share a conversations. You’d be hard pressed to find two more monumentally different actors. Surely the carrot that lured these two actors into the one film must be a tasty one.

Check the trailer out below:

Digging For Fire drops on August 21 in the USA. No word on a local release.