‘It Follows’ Is Quite Odd, Genuinely Scary and Out On Netflix Next Month

‘It Follows’ Is Quite Odd, Genuinely Scary and Out On Netflix Next Month

Bail on your plans. It’s too cold anyway.

Netflix’s August releases are looking toasty as, so stay indoors and feast on it’s new horror film It Follows next month. Do it.  Soon the nights will be warmer and your excuses will be far less legitimate.

We love a horror film where the threat seems legitimately inescapable. Too often are we less mortified by the villain than we are the protagonist’s efforts to escape them. Like, never assume that the body you’re standing next to is truly dead. You’re just ASKING to dragged to your death by your ankles.

ANYWAY, It Follows , follows in the footsteps of ‘It‘ (WORDPLAY!) and Nightmare On Elm Street. The terrifying creature that terrorises these wide-eyed teenagers cannot be seen by anyone else and thus efforts to escape it are solitary and mostly futile endavours for the poor kids. It’s invisible evils like that that make the film more of a psychological horror, and it’s conclusion will have you pondering whether mental illness is a deliberate subtext….but we digress! This horror is weird but it’s great!  It’s like The Ring except instead of watching the godforsaken video tape, the affliction that haunts you is transmitted sexually. Yes, that’s right. You have to fuck it onto the next guy. It’s the STI that KILLS!

It sounds ridiculous, and the film’s off-brand synth soundtrack will do little to allay your cynicism, but trust us on this one. David Robert Mitchell’s subtle direction leads this one confidently into the indie horror A-list. Suss the trailer below.

Post-viewing, check out this brilliant video by House By The Video Store in which the film’s score was replaced with that of Hitchcock’s Psycho.

It Follows will appear on your Netflix account on Saturday August 8