Kung Fury: The action movie to end all action movies

Kung Fury: The action movie to end all action movies

If there’s a scene in your film where the hero rides a Nazi like a skateboard, kickflips him, and then tears his body apart with his bare hands, it is by default the greatest movie of all time.

Kung Fury is the new short film from Swedish director and actor David Sandberg, which has taken the world by storm after premiering at Cannes and debuting in full on Youtube a couple of days ago.

Inspired by pretty much every glorious action TV show, feature film and video game of the 1980s , including the likes of TerminatorBeverly Hills Cop, NightriderDouble Dragon, Streets Of Rage, Miami Vice, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street FighterHighlander and Lethal Weapon, it takes the most outlandish and awesome element of each, and rolls them into one, full throttle, special FX injected 30-minute thrill ride.

If that weren’t enough, the $630,019 Kickstarter-funded project then adds Hitler (played by The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone) as the bad guy to end all bad guys – Kung Fuhrer, an army of super-Nazis, viking babes with gattling guns and uzis, the god Thor, laser raptors, a triceratops cop (Triceracop almost steals the show), David Hasselhoff and a homicidal arcade game transformer to crank the extreme awesomeness to maximum override.

What’s truly entertaining about Kung Fury however, is that it’s making fun of these genres as much as it is paying incredibly serious homage to them. It’s lampooning these films, games and shows, for their total and utter ridiculousness, while still celebrating everything that made us love these stories as kids, and still feel extreme nostalgia for them today.

And best of all, like all great action-thrillers, it finishes on a cliff hanger, leaving us craving more.

Watch Kung Fury in its entirety below: