Michael Moore Has A New Documentary

Michael Moore Has A New Documentary

The fat man returns with what has been hailed as his best documentary yet. 

Moore takes on European countries to investigate how Western societies not entirely dissimilar to the USA have tackled issues like student debt, holiday entitlement, obesity and the wage gap. This first full trailer is just as enticing as the premise itself and sees Moore use his sharp wit and ample cheek to ‘invade’ other countries, not for their natural resources, but for their intellectual property.

Where To Invade Next has been controversially slapped with an R rating by the MPAA for language, violent imagery and drug use which is hugely discouraging but perhaps indicative of the icy political reception this next Moore doco is going to receive. The Guardian has recently described the film as “equally affecting and annoying in its simplicity”.

As Australians we are becoming increasingly content to sit back and scoff at America’s archaic ideologies, most recently in regards to their gun laws with reform leaders constantly referencing us an an example of successful social change. But many of the issues discussed here are just as brutal and poignant for Australian audiences.

That said, it’s undeniably delicious to see Moore dismantle the idealistic vision of the ‘Great American Dream’ which so many US citizens desperately cling to in their enduring ‘every man for himself/don’t take away my constitutional rights’ ideologies.

Enjoy the new full trailer which dropped this week:

The doc opens in select US theaters starting December 23rd, expanding into wider (and hopefully Australian) release in January. Visit the official website.