Mixtape: The Sick Songs Of Silicon Valley

Mixtape: The Sick Songs Of Silicon Valley

We once met a lady who’s job it was to program songs for use in popular television shows.

She had worked with some of the best television shows of our time and provide them the ultimate music accompaniment to some of the most riveting scenes in television history and BOY, have we yearned for that dream job ever since. She discussed how she could propell a band into popular culture history simply by plucking several bars of their song out of obscurity for use in a poignant scene. Amazing.

This encounter has always lead us to be fascinated with music programming on television. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who’ve admired the song selection going on in HBO comedy series Silicon Valley lately. The swagger in the tunes on their final credits in particular, always brilliantly juxtapose the inherent geekiness of the characters (who couldn’t dare to have musical taste that spectacular) and leaves us salivating like one of Pavlov’s unrestrained mutts for another episode.

So Blerg have done some digging to find out what some of these bangers are so we could provide you with an excellent new mixtape that you can really get behind: Silicon Valley’s credit roll. Enjoy.

S01E02– Biggie Smalls- Party & Bullshit

S01E03- Blake Mills- Hey Lover

 S01E04- Father Sister Berzerker – Tobacco

 S01E05– Nuevos Tiempos- Pueblo Cafe


S02E01- Run The Jewels- Blockbuster Night Part 1

S02E03 – Phantom (Redux) – Shirt


S02E04- Dizzee Rascal – I Don’t Need A Reason


S02E05- Alabama Shakes  – Don’t Wanna Fight