New On Netflix: August

New On Netflix: August

August is here! (actually it’s 10 days old) But that means you’ve got one more month of lazy TV viewing while you’ve still got the excuse that it’s too cold outside to do anything.

So here are our top picks for August to binge or precious data allowance on.

Chronic Con, Episode 420: A New Dope

Comedian Doug Benson embarks on what is easily his laziest film project, as he once again does a piss-take tribute to the films of documentary director Morgan Spurlock, by¬†essentially making a very loosely based, stoned version of Spurlock’s acclaimed original.

This is the third installment of Spurlock tributes after Super High Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled, an in this new adventure, Doug, a film crew and a bunch of comedian friends, wander around the famous, annual San Diego nerd convention with the goal of finding Spurlock and getting high with super heroes. Inter-cut are scenes of Benson being interviewed by other media outlets, as well as scenes of his stand up and some scenes from a taping of his hugely popular podcast Doug Loves Movies. And of course, lots of footage of him smoking weed.

If you’re not a fan of Doug or DLM¬†or his web series Getting Doug With High, then you’ll struggle to get a grip on why this is even a thing.

If you’re a fan, you’ll love every second.

Best watched after 4:20pm.

Mission Impossible: 3

Full disclosure – I haven’t seen Mission Impossible: 3. But now it’s on Netflix, I have no reason not to watch it. I’ll also admit that I still love Tom Cruise, despite all the Scientology and the couch jumping and the general low percentage movie quality – but a Tom Cruise action picture is hard to turn down. I mean, considering I sat around for 2 hours and watched The Last Samurai on free to air the other night, I should definitely make the effort to watch MI:3, right?

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Summer Camp

Surely you’re more than aware that this series is available now. Many of you have probably tried to watch an episode or two and already given up, totally confused or disappointed that it wasn’t the series with the star cast you though it would be. Truth of the matter is Wet Hot American Summer was always a complete failure. The original film took US$7,000 at the box office. It’s a cult classic for a reason – you have to be a true fan of The State, David Wain and Michael Showalter to really vibe the ridiculousness of the series. But we will be publishing a whole article about that soon to help give you a better understanding. In the meantime, if you’re a fan of the film, you’ll fall whole-heartedly into the series.

BoJack Horseman: Season 2

Everyone’s favourite Hollywoo wash up is back in season 2 of his existential life crisis, as he deals with his biggest hurdle in years – success. His career has started to take off, he has a girlfriend, and for once in God knows how long, he has to deal with being… happy. Meanwhile Diane and Mr Peanutbutter’s relationship is going through the wringer and Todd, well Todd’s Todd.

Read our recent write-up on season 2, here.


Revered stand-up Tig Notaro pretty much lived through one of the craziest 18 month periods you’ll ever hear of. She survived illness, cancer, a death in her family and a break-up, and came out the other side of it with more fame and attention than ever before. But what will she do now that she has to get back on stage? Or that she’s fallen in love? Or that she’s decided to have a baby?! It’s going to be FULL-ON. We highly recommend her amazing story, if only as a gateway into the wonderful comedy that could only ever come from the mind of Tig.

In A World

This isn’t exactly new to Netflix or new at all, but god damn this movie is so friggin’ hilarious and sweet and tender that is worthy of countless re-watches. Lake Bell shines in her premiere as writer/director/star of this laugh-out-loud flick that delves into the politics and sexism of show business – as it pertains to the voice over industry. Some great co-star work from Demetri Martin, Nick Offerman, Rob Corddry, Tig Notaro, Ken Marino and more, make this a great ensemble piece, and you’ll find yourself recommending to everyone with a sense of humour ever.