Rami Malek Makes Christian Slater Look Like Chopped Liver On Rad New Series, Mr Robot

Rami Malek Makes Christian Slater Look Like Chopped Liver On Rad New Series, Mr Robot

If we were Pop Sugar, this is where we’d yell and shout about Hollywood’s Hottest New Talent. 

Mr Robot’s Elliot Alderson is living in New York City, but you wouldn’t know it with how little he engages with the Big Apple. He’s a massive loner, shuffling around the city with his hoodie pulled firmly over his eyebrows. He suffers from social anxiety and he’s also a supremely talented hacker, pathological liar and devious cyber vigilante. It sounds cliche, but moments into Mr Robot you’ll realise it’s not so much about the cyber war concept as it as about the supreme talents of newcomer Rami Malek.

Malek’s credit’s are sparse. In fact, his last big movie was Need For Speed. He did have a memorable stint in Destin Daniel Crettin’s Short Term 12, but this role is the one that should propel him to prime time, blockbuster status. If there are any prime time blockbusters coming up that call for mastery of the intricacies of social anxiety disorder. The darting eyes, the desperate loneliness, the mumbled sentences that could so easily be confused with menace if it wasn’t so cloaked in insecurity. Ugh. He’s really great.

Christian Slater, by comparison, is a disappointing addition to the cast, pushing the show into a more sensational territory. A show about hackers taking down a company nicknamed Evil Corp has a rough enough head start as it is without casting average actors to play zany untapped tech types.

See if you can observe some of Malek’s genius in the series’ tense trailer.


Mr Robot has been secured by Foxtel’s online streaming service Presto with the first seven episodes available now and the reamaining episodes available to stream on demand shortly after their air on the USA Network. You can sign up for a free 30 day trail here.