Stay On Top Of Tech. You Should Listen To Download This Show

Stay On Top Of Tech. You Should Listen To Download This Show

Tech news. Is there a concept more daunting? It feels like we’re all destined to be left behind in modern civilisation’s new rush to be the most switched on, tech savvy consumer possible. The FOMO is so goddamn  tangible you can taste it. 

Technology is evolving so quickly that dare you take your eye off the industry for a moment you will have completely lost any semblance of understanding that you once prided yourself on. Next thing you know your mum will be walking you through transport navigation on Moovit. You’ll cop an unnerving eye roll at never having heard of Skyscanner. You’ll be destined to shit coffees for the rest of your week because you have never heard of Beanhunter and you’ll be scoffed at if you assume ‘wearables’ was ever referring to your Nikes.

Seriously, I took a couple days off to go to Tasmania and exist in the real world with trees and air and life and stuff and when I returned, everyone was using something called ‘Periscope‘ and live streaming your awkward office banter for strangers was a totally legitimate pass time. THIS IS A THING THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

Marc Fennell has been hosting ABC Radio National’s technology show, Download This Show for a while now, but it’s only the last six months that we’ve discovered the delight of devouring his weekly dissertations in the form of podcast. Once a week Fennell gathers generally likable panelists (including young advertising ball busters appears to be a painful but necessarily evil) to discuss new developments- usually three or four pertinent new laws, apps, products or companies- in a pretty casual conversational manner. It’s over in 30 minutes and it’s easily the best way to ensure you’re not rendered culturally cringeworthy.

In fact, more often that not you’ll find yourself sounding really, really switched on during your next dinner party. Yes you did just compare the revenue models of the new streaming services with  casual aplomb. Give yourself a pat on the back and 1 x smug sip of your Shiraz.

If you want some visual cues with your podcasting, Radio National posts some of the more engaging parts of the podcasts on their YouTube channel. It’s handy if you have trouble visualising some of the concepts they’re discussing.  .

Download This Show airs weekly on Radio National as well as being available for free on any decent podcasting library. Eps are also available, in full, on their Soundcloud. Way to go RN! We dig your style.