That book you had to study in school has been made into a thriller film

That book you had to study in school has been made into a thriller film

I have very vague memories of reading Z For Zachariah in about year 5 at school.

Robert C. O’Brien’s 1974 post-apocalyptic science-fiction novel was one of the first books I’d actually “studied” before, and I remember it being a really interesting story, but also a really dry read.

But now that old paper back has been given a new life in the film of the same name, starring a killer cast of Chiwetel Ejiofor, Margot Robbie and Chris Pine, and the result looks like a total nail-biter, based off the trailer.

The story, for those that didn’t go to South Wagga Primary, is that of a post nuclear fall out world, where Ann (Robbie), a young woman, lives by herself in a valley that has seemingly survived the majority of the destruction.

One day she comes across a man (Ejiofor) in a protective suit, who has entered the valley, and before she can stop him, he bathes in a waterhole tainted with radiation.

She nurses him back to health, and the two begin a love affair as the sole survivors on the planet – until Caleb (Pine) shows up.

It’s a fascinating examination of faith, science, and alienation and the film looks like it could potentially be one of the surprise underground hits of the year.

Z For Zachariah has had a limited release, but is reportedly set to be out on Netflix in October.