The Hundred: Scratch Your Trashy Sci-Fi Itch

The Hundred: Scratch Your Trashy Sci-Fi Itch

From the very moment I received the traumatic news that there was no continuing seasons of Firefly, nothing satiated my need for future dystopian or mystery sci-fi adventures. Nothing. 

Revolution, got me hooked but it was av’ AF.

Under The Dome was decent show but was too slow for me.

Dollhouse was so fucking fucking good but brutally axed after one season just like another favourite Finally The Tomorrow People which was robbed of successive seasons.

So you get the idea, I have a life-disturbing hankering for extraterrestrial, otherworldly somethings. It’s now 2015 and ten years later my horoscope reads, “Year of the Netflix”. I bow down, I thank you, you have delivered.

It all began on a cold, winters night. I just lost a piece of my soul to the latest series I’d binged on for the past month and regurgitated onto social media. Orphan Black was over and as that reality sank in, I slowly reduce myself to a pile of tears in the fetal position.Then, after making myself a big Sheldon ‘cup of warm beverage’ to make me feel better, I sat in front of the Netflix home screen and began to scroll. Then continued to scroll. Only to scroll through again.What I commonly refer to as the infinite scroll continued on into the late hours of the evening. Until something finally caught my eye and my heart.

The 100 (pronounced The Hundred, don’t be a dick about it. Just pronounce it casually). A nuclear war has wiped out almost all life on Earth, leaving the known remaining 2,400 of the human race living on The Ark, orbiting Earth for 97 years. Sounds like a pretty gnarly premise right? Here’s some other perfect things about The 100:

1. Three main characters are Australian and they’re not shit!
To them I respectfully thank for making this show what it is. I got excited about nerding out on Eliza Taylor, Bob Morely and Diechen Lachman…she better be all up in Season 2
2. The Storyline.
I can’t tell if it’s much too much, but I don’t care. I love all the twists and the ‘episodal’ blue balls! Don’t fret, The next episode will begin playing in…

3. The Arc


Look at this beautiful thing. The human race got it’s shit together enough to relocate civilization to orbit the earth… To potentially then still die. The fearlessness in that concept alone is motivation enough to make your bed in the morning.

4. Non-stop human brutality. It’s survival of the fittest.

The are now only 100 of you that were sent down to Earth to kickstart the human existence. It doesn’t matter who you are, who you are to others or what potentially murderous act you committed that fated you to be sent to the ground. Everyone is now equal now and you get to watch the strong make their plays for top dog. Anyone could be a killer.

5. You can’t help but play that ‘If that was me, I would/wouldn’t of done that’  game

This show makes you put a check on your moral compass. There are so many situations throughout the season that consumed my every thought because I felt so invested in the characters. Shit went down that really made me look at myself and say. Would you do that, could you do that? I’d also then spend the rest of the night justifying my harrowing decisions to myself. Turns out I’m a bad ass M-Fer.

Season one of The 100 is available on Netflix Australia but the second season is not. ere’s what you can do to watch The 100 Season 2. 


Words by Vader Fame