Why you should be really excited about this Ghostbusters cast

Why you should be really excited about this Ghostbusters cast

Putting aside for a moment that remakes are dangerous territory, often flawed from their very conception (assumedly in which a bunch of overpaid turkeys in an office in the sky are so repulsed by the concept of innovation that they take it in turns to pick who’s childhood dreams to dash on the rocks of a remake), we feel that you should be really, really excited about this new Ghostbusters cast. Much like the cast of the now cult comedy Bridesmaids, there’s a lovely combination of comedic staples and up and comers in Paul Feig’s ensemble, and we all know we can trust that Freaks and Geeks creator when it comes to unearthing new talent. *cough SethRogenJamesFrancoJasonSegelLindaCardelliniMartinStarr cough*

Let’s look at our lady leads:

Kristen Wiig– though Bridesmaids propelled her into ‘everybody’s dream bestie’ territory, many people will be unfamiliar with Wiig’s staggering versatility. Her seven year stint on Saturday Night Live was one of the series’ most significant. And as SNL is largely unavailable to Aussie audiences, we can’t help but wonder if everyone is familiar with the Lawrence Welk Show….

Melissa McCarthy– Similarly, McCarthy has been pigeonholed as the zany fat chick in a few too many comedies this side of Bridesmaids despite her being just so much more versatile than her recent credits may suggest. Case in point Barb Kilner- a woman after our own heart….

Leslie Jones– this six foot lady legend was upgraded from SNL writer to cast member this season and has a truly terrific impact on the show. Not just in marking the first time two African American women have shared awkward, forceful hugs during the shows closing credits, either. Jones is ballsy, bordering on terrifying and her timing is top notch. Given how recently she appeared on screen there’s little of her SNL contribution available online but you can suss her vibe on this behind the scenes video.

Kate McKinnon- another SNL cast member, McKinnon saved SNL just as Kristen Wiig was departing, and has now carved her way into our hearts via warm portrayals of the most fucked characters you’ll see on television. Our favourite is the dire Ms Olya Povlatski of Russia, who frequents Weekend Update with dire tales from regional Russia.


Ghostbusters 3 has been set for US release on July 22nd, 2016. No word yet on Australian dates but you can pencil in sometime around the Spring of 2020-ish… If you’re lucky.