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This is Blerg.

Blerg is where you go when you need your next hot, cheesy slice of pop culture – whether that be TV series, web series, music, podcasts, stand up comedy, movies or anything else we feel is worth filling your precious down time with.

Because we fully subscribe to the doctrine set down by one of our all time favourite movie characters, Rob from High Fidelity, that you are what you like, not what you are like.

We also know you’re strapped for sweet, uninterrupted interweb time in this over-stimulated world, so we’ve gone ahead and broken all our posts into two basic categories to save you the stress: New Stuff and Good Stuff.

So the next time the boss has popped out for a coffee, your significant other has fallen asleep, you’ve finished the last episode of your most beloved TV show, you’re gunning for a new band to throw your adoration at or you’ve figured out your next door neighbour doesn’t have a password on their wifi – Blerg it. We guarantee you’ll discover something you love.

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