Blerg Bangers – February 22

Blerg Bangers – February 22

Every week we collect a new batch of songs for your listening pleasure – plus a classic that you should definitely know and love. Here’s this week’s Blerg Bangers:

The Dandy Warhols – ‘You Are Killing Me’

The Dandies have been pumping out oddball hits from their psychedelic pop factory for more than 20 years now, and ‘You Are Killing Me’ is a refreshing new model of their classic product. With the tone and lax energy of something more akin to a Magentic Fields track, it’s the Dandies at their reserved best – low key crunchy guitars, breathy harmonies that are barely even there, and Courtney Taylor’s effected vocals, popping through with the slightest hint of auto-tune. Undoubtedly it will sound huge on stage, but on headphones it feels warm and intimate. The ride that has been the Dandy Warhols’ insane career continues to surprise and delight.

131s – ‘This Ain’t Culture’

King Cannons were meant to be a big deal. Big presence, big songs, big label. It just never happened for them. Wrong place? Wrong time? No one knows. It’s the music biz. Now the former King Cannons frontman Luke Yeoward returns with a new outfit/supergroup of Melbourne punk and rock heroes, with an even bigger sound than his previous band and hits hitting a strong chord again. Crying foul the seemingly endless gentrification of the modern world, he pulls on the bravado of Springsteen, the energy of Costello, and the brattiness of early Living End to form a molotov cocktail that looks set to explode at any moment. Hopefully he’ll find success in round two, and considering how the reception for punk rock has evolved in this country in the last few years, it looks promising.

The Great Awake – ‘Departure Lounge’

Heart-on-your-sleeve rock like this just begs to be screamed at the top of your lungs, with a Carlton draught in one hand, a mate’s sweaty collar in the other, and no-one in the room hitting the right note or singing the right words. It’s a bloody pub anthem, and I look forward to saluting many, many times after 3am. Actually, they’re a Sydney band. We’ll just sing it until midnight and then try and find a kebab shop that’s still open.

Porches – ‘Franklin The Flirt’ [Classic track]

Ever just get knocked over by a song. A wind out of the sails, tears rolling down your cheeks, need to hear this 30 times again right now kind of song? I have no idea if it resonates with anyone else quite like it punches me in the gut, but this 2013 Porches cut from his phenomenal Slow Dance In The Cosmos album is just a total tear-jerker from strum to strum. With the woozy croon of a younger Mark Kozelek, Soft Bulletin era percussion, and the kind of juvenile and quirky composition that Casiotone For The Painfully Alone always managed to tickle suppressed memories and emotions with, this literally does sound like a waltz in the stars, a slow dance in the cosmos.