Can’t Wait For House Of Cards? Try Billions.

Can’t Wait For House Of Cards? Try Billions.

Admittedly, few things are as appealing as Kevin Spacey donning his deep South Carolina accent and evil genius persona for his portrayal of President Frank Underwood in House Of Cards. But if you can’t wait for that series’ return on March 5, then may we suggest giving Billions a shot.

The new Showtime series is two episodes deep into it’s first season at the moment and proving to be quite the catch for the network. The show pairs Damian Lewis (better known as the pouty Sergeant Nicholas Brody from Homeland) and Paul Giamatti (best known as Paul Giamatti) together in it’s exploration of ambitious US Attorney VS Smarmy Hedge Fund King. Kind of a Goliath Vs Goliath, if you will.  Basically, if you enjoyed the way The Big Short explored the complex world of Wall Street then you’ll dig the conniving, high-stakes world of Billions.

The show takes more than a couple pages from House Of Cards’ playbook.The series establishes two super strong female leads in it’s first episode in casting Maggie Siff as the wife of the attorney general and established psychologist and confidant to Lewis’ Bobby Axlerod (yeah, that’s actually his name). While Malin Ackerman plays Axelrod’s commanding first lady. Again, they would both pretty promptly be squished under one of Claire Underwood’s polished black YSL pumps, but they make for wonderful antidotes to the abundance of white, male, Wall St cock swinging that goes on in most episodes.

Though the season is not through, and abundance of complex characters not fully explored, we tip that spending some time with this fast-paced gem is going to pay big dividends this year.

BAM- financial lingo! NAILED IT.


Billions is available to watch now on Australian streaming platform, Stan