Chelsea DOES Deliver In New Netflix Miniseries

Chelsea DOES Deliver In New Netflix Miniseries

Some celebrities are so painfully larger than life and irritating that they become hilarious caricatures of themselves, turning into famously fictional beings that resemble a deeply troubled HBO character that you can start to enjoy instead of endure.

Initially, Chelsea Handler is a nightmare to endure. Having never had the pleasure of witnessing her comedy, and thus no real understanding of her popularity, she immediately comes off as a petulant teenager. I think I even scoffed “who IS this woman?” at my television, no less than 10 minutes into the first episode of her new Netflix series ‘Chelsea Does‘. But her self-involved personality and total lack of filter soon become less irritating personality flaws and more fascinating vehicles in which she can startle interview subjects into opening up. Genius. Seriously.

Chelsea Does was launched as a four episode Netflix original series in January this year, and follows comedienne Chelsea Handler on her quest to find out more about marriage, Silicon Valley, racism and drugs. Granted it’s a pretty broad and well researched canvas on which she gets to paint her unique brand of crazy, but it’s superbly entertaining nonetheless.

Handler appears to have little ability to hide her emotions so when she’s deeply shocked, bored or even annoyed by her interview subjects she transparently and immediately makes it known. The joy becomes less about Handler’s line of questioning and more seeing her subjects squirm under her intensely critical gaze.

It’s nothing groundbreaking but Chelsea does is a hell of a good time.

Chelsea Does is now streaming in full on Netflix AU/NZ.