Drunk History Makes You Want To Get Really, REALLY Wasted

Drunk History Makes You Want To Get Really, REALLY Wasted

Seeing other people shitfaced rarely makes me want to drink. In fact, more often than not, seeing other people drunk is the strongest incentive of all to completely give up the plonk.

That is until I settle in to watch weekly installments of Drunk History, and then have a nice strong glass of something bitter and brutally alcoholic starts looking appealing. Look, to be honest, I’m not sure that’s their intention, but that’s how it goes down.

Comedy Central series Drunk History places very, very wasted personalities (often comedians) in front of the camera to recount interesting moments in American history. The imagery of them slipping slowly off their couch while sipping gingerly on a drink is overlapped with re-enactments of each historical account with some very deec guest actors lip-synching along with their narration.

Honestly, the series is pretty slapped together. Half it’s charm is in it’s tiny budget which probably sees more cash being spent on high end tequila than 18th century civil war props. Everyone involved seems to have a fantastic time though, not least of all host, comedian Derek Waters who- as well as playing key characters in re-enactments- sits opposite each drunk narrator gently encouraging them to continue with their increasingly scrappy storytelling and sharing in shots with them.


Drunk History premiered on Comedy Central in July 2013 and it’s third season is now airing weekly via SBS