Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Has Twitter Moments to Treasure

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Has Twitter Moments to Treasure

Megadeth are coming back!

One of the all time, ‘big four’ is returning to Australia after breaking many hearts with their previous Soundwave cancellation.

Our eardrums are quivering in anticipation for the upcoming Australian tour which arrives no later than October this year, hitting Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Now, fellow thrash icon Lars Ulrich is notoriously outspoken member of the metal game but Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine has had his fair share of ‘moments’.  Thankfully Mustaine isn’t one of these massive names that allows management to have full control of their Twitter account, posting only on sale dates, tour announces and polite and PC messages ‘to the fans’. There are few things more infuriating than talkative talents being forced off their social media by their people.

Mustaine’s Twitter account is full of candid interactions with fans that paint an even more intersting picture of one of the most notorious names in metal:

When he talks trash with revheads:

When he got heaps angry and political when asked who he’s like to see as president:

When his tweets sound like texts from your mum

That time he boasted about hitting the gym:  

That time someone got their redheads mixed up: 

Watch Megadeth’s new lineup featuring Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler play Quebec Summer City Festival:

Megadeth tour Australia this October with Finland’s Children Of Bodom.

PerthFriday 16th October – Red Hill Auditorium –
Sydney Sunday 18th October – Hordern Pavilion – 
Melbourne Monday 19th October – Festival Hall –
Brisbane Wednesday 21st October – Eatons Hill  Hotel –

See for further details.