The new Louie CK bit that is so relevant it hurts

The new Louie CK bit that is so relevant it hurts

Everyone is pretty much in agreeance at the moment that Louis CK’s series Louie is the best thing to happen to television in years, right? If not, you can see yourself out. We’ll wait…

The show has been delivering beautifully shot, truly awkward yet endearing, funny yet painfully sad and innovative yet wordly and respectful observations in the style of short films for several years now. The opening scene in last week’s episode really resonated with us though.

I sat next to two well-dressed elderly ladies on the tram this week who were so furious at the behaviour of all the younger people surrounding them. All glued to their phones and multitasking like mad rats. They were all “fools”, missing out on the world around them, apparently. But I think older people are quick to dismiss the way younger generations rely on technology .We’re not all trying to find the perfect filter for the carefully manicured photo of our pet hamster. We’re emailing, we’re efficient, we’re looking for better, quicker ways to do our daily deeds. We’re talking to each other, we’re doing a billion things, but we are not so simply, ‘fools’.

How often have you been completely dismissive of people younger than you? Kids. Idiots. Punks. With the exception of very, very young people, almost all of us are in a position where we’re a little perplexed by the behaviour of people younger than us. Be it the way toddlers are taking to technology straight outa the womb, the way teenagers are increasingly arrogant or how 20 year olds are finding crafty new ways to shirk adulthood and wordly responsibilities, we all understand the confusion and disconnect between generations. That’s why, regardless of your age, you need to watch this bit.


 “Do you want your kids’ world to be a step above yours? Isn’t that what we’re all doing? So, doesn’t it follow that if you’re a good parent, and your kids evolve, and are smarter than you, they’re gonna make you feel kind of dumb? So if you feel stupid around young people, things are going good.”

Bloody hell.

Louie. How do you watch it? That’s a great question, friends. Tuesdays 9pm on the Foxtel Comedy Channel. But we’re also gonna leave this here..

“The whole country pirates there…because we’re not letting them buy it, because we’re keeping it from them.. If they’re given the option, everybody in the world is like ‘Take my fucking credit card and let me have the thing, but if you’re going to be a pain in the arse, FUCK YOU, I can steal ALL OF IT”