The New Paper Arms Song Makes Us Feel Old. AND WE LOVE IT

The New Paper Arms Song Makes Us Feel Old. AND WE LOVE IT

It’s happening, you guys …

Somewhat disconcertingly, I seem to be having more and more conversations with friends that seem to start with “you know how I know I’m getting old?”. Most of them usually involve us using our strides into our thirties to justify bailing on just about every social engagement known to man and/or a sudden interest in succulents, but some of them also include being caught up in the cyclical whirlpool that is modern day musical trends.

I’m starting to hear bands resurrect sounds that were prominent in my youth. But instead of disassembling my dentures and spitting at the radio in disgust, I welcome the resurgence. I feel like a wise old man now, imbibing these sounds and letting them sit in my chest for a while, slowly stiring the angsty muddle and forcing memories of gigs of yore rise to the surface.

Paper Arms shoved us violently back into the 90s with the release of their new track This Time last week. Duuuuude. This shit smacks of Silverchair – more specifically Frogstomp– and it is GLORIOUS. Their upcoming album might be called Great Mistakes but this release is looking like the best thing the band have ever done.

The vocals are razor sharp and yet so coarse it sometimes hurts to hear. You find yourself longing for that chorus to kick in too, it’s that satistfying. Don’t delay, give This Time a listen now:

Paper Arms’ new album Great Mistakes is out on May 15 via Poison City Records. You can pre-order the album here