Sheer Mag demand you turn it up to 11

Sheer Mag demand you turn it up to 11

Sheer Mag are the kind of band whose name you scrawl into a wooden school desk, with lightning bolts on either side.

They’re the kind of band that make you want to tear the sleeves off your denim jacket, smash your beer bottle against a wall, and launch your sweaty torso into a crowded pit of bodies, thrashing about in ecstatic celebration.

Inspired by dirty punk rock and your dad’s entire collection of LPs, the Philadelphia power rock outfit are one of the most electrifying, turn-it-up-to-11 and yell “fuck you” to the man bands playing rock and roll at the moment and they’ve just released their second EP, II.

If you can’t tell, I’m slightly fucking excited about it.

Through rough as guts, AM radio production, they sound like they’ve been beamed in directly from the ’70s, like an early, bastardised punk version of Thin Lizzy. Guitar solos rip off into outer space, bass lines punch you in the solar plexus, drum beats that melt the wax in your ears, and above it all frontwoman Christina Halladay’s titanium pipes, all pulling together to create a sound that was designed to blow the speakers in your car.

So what are you waiting for? Go give the finger to your parents, run to your room, slam the door, kick the stereo and start air shredding to the soundtrack of reckless rebellion and total abandon.

Check out the video for ‘Fan The Flames’ below, and then go buy both their EPs from their Bandcamp page.

Party on! \M/