Kyle Kinane is your spirit animal and you can legally purchase his shit NOW

Kyle Kinane is your spirit animal and you can legally purchase his shit NOW

Genuinely not sure which to be more excited about right now…

That’s our favourite gravelly-voiced Gen Y guru Kyle Kinane has a new comedy special OR that he’s made it immediately available, for a small fee, using a clever and immediately gratifying platform that is available INTERNATIONALLY, regardless of ISP, colour, race, gender. OMG…Y.A.Y.

After previous releases Death Of The Party (2010) and Whiskey Icarus (2012) delivered on the apathetic comedy vibes in spades, I couldn’t help but lob this one firmly atop my most anticipated comedy releases of 2015 pile. And I Liked His Old Stuff Better truly proved that Kinane has not only found his voice and his niche audience, but via is his attitude, warm delivery and observations on what is continually painted as a fairly solitary, simple existence,¬†he’s really just locked that shit down. Like… proposed to that audience, arranged a Vegas¬†wedding and then promptly knocked them up, thus ensuring they truly and eternally belong to him. (Yes that is a grim analogy, I am aware).

But seriously…Very few comedians are speaking to young and cultured yet sad, cynical and downright shitfaced types the way Kinane is.

Behold his dissection of the unequivocal joy of shower beers. If you can relate, then you can find $5 and you can damn well kick back and drink this in.

GUYS! You can stream/download the WHOLE ‘I Liked His Old Stuff Better’ SPECIAL, LEGALLY, NOW for just $5US over here