New Gizmodo Podcast Predicts The Future, Is Pretty Depressing

New Gizmodo Podcast Predicts The Future, Is Pretty Depressing

Get ready to be terrified on your morning commute. And not because the obese, homeless lady next to you is screaming obscenities at your backpack.

The new Gizmodo podcast ‘Meanwhile In The Future’ is a neat little 15 minute exploration of potential future scenarios. Everything from a sudden ice age, to the end of antibiotic effectiveness, to a world in which contact sports are banned due to head injury. The podcasts enlists experts to lend their ideas on what might be the repercussions of these developments, while you sit there nursing your coffee pondering your own personal reaction to each scenario.

Grounded’ asks what happened if we stopped flights on commercial aeroplanes, ‘Bodybuilders’ explores biohacking and what might happen if we could extend our abilities beyond those that biology set for us and ‘The Day The Internet Broke’ asks what might happen if old mate internet went away and how that could even happen. Intrigued yet?

As you might expect, things can get pretty dire, and you’re gonna arrive at your workplace pretty happy with how your present day life is turning out. So if nothing, it’s a lesson in thoughtfulness and perhaps appreciating  a world in which the Earth is not slowly falling into the sun (yes, that’s the topic of August’s ‘Sunward Bound‘ episode).

Meanwhile is only up to episode 13, so jump on board this train to guaranteed dinner party conversational gold now.